Smoking Game, 2019, Lithography, 70x95cm

Two smoking men are surrounding by lots of small occurrences happening around them. In a dramatical way, I am trying to depict issues and situation related to air pollution. Four small windows in the background contain various characters. At the left side, a man is taking shower from someone else’s tap; in the second window, a child is playing with a real gun. In the third window, a bald man feels embarrassed by seeing a comb while, in the forth window, a person is standing still, in the dark peering out. A rat symbolizing ‘karma’ and a horse symbolizing ‘power’ are competing in a race. A sad face among several eyes is watching. In the center, a caterpillar is crawling towards its hole. Many other incidents are also happening in the image. 

I try to depict serious issues in a satirical way, adding humor and play to the work.