Motion picture, 2022, Serigraphy on canvas,183x305cm

There are a total of twenty pieces of canvases joined together to complete this composition, using the technique of multi-colored serigraphy.

Before working on this project I made a complete layout, which is a very important part of my working process. First I set the subject, story and composition through small pieces of drawings, then, at the time of finalizing, I make minor changes, as there remains a lot of blank spaces in the overall composition. To fill those blanks, I add some more elements in the form of drawings, words, and texture that relates with the subject.

Here I have depicted some well-known faces also, such as Hitler and Superman, one comes from an original history and the other is a fictional creation.

I am trying to find a way to present the real and the imaginary world together on a single canvas while also presenting the similarities and dissimilarities side by side.