Twenty-four Seven, 2019

This is a large-scale lithography work, which combines four separate pieces together. I printed this on paper and on canvas both, the canvas one takes a cylindrical form which can be viewed in 360 degree.

The images have their source in common occurrences of human daily life. The drawings are wholly based on my imagination but still one can feel reality in them. Since the stories are picked up from my surroundings. there comes the people belonging to different classes of the society. Humanity, human rights, corruption, political oppression and differentiation of socio-economic class; I am trying to address all these elements in this work.

Twenty-four Seven,2019, Lithography on canvas, 90x240cm

Twenty-four Seven,2019, Lithography on paper, 90x240cm

Lithography on canvas,(cylinder installation)

The first challenge I faced was that I did not enjoy the flatness of the image. I gradually started creating layers while drawing. I use various techniques in this project like spraying color with the help of toothbrush, drawing with gum arabic first and then drawing with ink to create more depth. The area covered with gum arabic creates a white and when it is removed (washed out). I also make paper cut stencil for the drawing which give further dimension to the image.